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In today’s episode of The Racist Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Bigot Tree, a racist white man in Washington state is facing a felony hate crime charge after his allegedly racist daughter and her boyfriend got into a physical altercation with a Black student at their high school. The girls’ father, a whole adult, is accused of threatening to kill the Black teen, calling him racial slurs and showing up with his daughter at the Black student’s job to follow and harass him.

According to King 5, 39-year-old William Cunningham is expected to be arraigned in Snohomish County Superior Court on Jan. 19 to answer for a charge that stems from a Nov. 10, 2021, incident at Monroe High School during which his daughter “racially taunted” the Black victim, according to the Monroe Police Department.

The whole thing reportedly started in the school parking lot when the Black teen got into a shoving match with the defendant’s daughter’s boyfriend. The shoving match started because the daughter allegedly shoved one of the Black student’s friends in the school hallway earlier that day.

Part of the altercation was caught on camera.


The daughter can be heard using the slur and explaining “the real definition of a n*****” after approaching the Black student with her phone. What she apparently didn’t realize is that what she was doing with her phone would land her father in the defendant’s seat.

Basically, the white girl who appeared to be trying her best to act hard turned full tattle-tale when she went to tell her daddy about what was going on in the parking lot via video call. She allegedly approached the Black student so Cunningham could see his face and, according to court documents, Cunningham was caught on camera saying to the student, “If I see you, I’ll kill you, n*****” and referring to himself as a “big white cracker,” which his daughter appears to confirm in the video.

Cunningham later admitted to detectives that he did threaten to kill the victim and his father. But that’s not all.

Monroe police discovered while investigating the incident, that Cunningham and his Klan-ish crotch goblin showed up at the Black student’s job and followed him around for 20 minutes, according to court documents. They were banned from the premises over the harassment and now their abject inability to leave Black people alone will likely be used against Cunningham in court.

Of course, as King 5 noted, “he charges come following allegations of racism and discrimination in the Monroe School District.”

Recently, Superintendent Dr. Justin Blasko was placed on administrative leave by the Monroe school board after students and parents called for his resignation alleging that he had basically been ignoring complaints about racial harassment and discrimination in the school district.

No wonder the racist whites and their equally racist spawn think they can do whatever the hell they want without consequences.


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