As he continues to rise in polls in battleground states, Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders is pursuing an essential voting bloc: Evangelical Christians. CNN reports that the Vermont senator on Monday took his stump speech to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he addressed wealth inequality and the hot-button issues of same-sex marriage and abortion, noting […]

In her first national interview of the 2016 presidential race, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton dismissed polls that suggest Americans do not trust her, and seized the moment to attack Republican rivals on immigration reform. “People should and do trust me,” she told CNN‘s Brianna Keilar in the interview that aired Tuesday on The Situation Room […]


Hillary Clinton and her husband President Bill Clinton, who have long enjoyed the support of prominent African Americans, has the apparent backing of Beyonce, who recently attended a fundraiser for the 2016 presidential hopeful. On Friday, the former Secretary of State tweeted a photo of “Queen Bey” at a New York fundraiser co-hosted by Epic Records […]


Songstress Beyoncé has never shied away from showing political support. She even teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama on her initiative to overcome obesity in our country. As President Obama’s time in the White House comes to an end, the Houston-bred singer shows who she’s riding with for the next election. She was recently spotted at […]


Borrowing a page from President Barack Obama’s election playbook, Hillary Clinton pledged Tuesday to support sweeping immigration reform, reports The Huffington Post. Obama, who scored big with Hispanic voters in both elections, has been a big proponent of immigration reform, promulgating extensive deportation relief policies to the ire of Republicans, who have tried to stall […]

At the rate we’re going, the second Clinton administration will feel like the longest one of our natural lives. That prediction is based on the longstanding history of the media collectively dissecting every facet of Hillary Clinton (pictured) no matter how minuscule. The fact that presidential campaigns now begin almost four year’s in advance only magnifies […]

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Is it some kind of unwritten rule that only people with the last name of Bush or Clinton get to run for president, Barack Obama notwithstanding? We’ve had 2 Bushes and one Clinton in the White House already, and now Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are being talked about as major contenders for the 2016 […]

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Over the weekend, New York Senator Chuck Schumer publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democrat’s top pick for the 2016 presidential race. The former Secretary of State has yet to confirm if she will in fact run for president, and potentially succeed her former opponent in the 2004 election, President Barack Obama. Senator Schumer threw […]