Johanson Little (pictured), a Chicago man who failed to inform his ex-girlfriend of his HIV-positive condition, could face felony charges, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. SEE ALSO: The Surprising Health Benefits Of Laughter According to Assistant State Attorney Dan Griffin, Little and the unnamed woman dated between June 2012 and 2013. In February, she tested positive for […]

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Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allocated an estimated $115 mil to 21 organizations around the country that support HIV/AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention. Not one of the organizations that received the funds is black-operated. Roland Martin and a panel of guests discussed the disparity on his Tuesday “NewOne Now” show. Martin […]

A Texas woman may have acquired HIV through sex with another woman, according to the CDC. The 46-year-old woman attempted to sell her plasma in April 2012, and a routine test of a sample came back positive for the HIV virus. The same test had been negative when she donated plasma the month before. The woman was also […]

According to CDC, African Americans are more affected by HIV in the United States than other groups. In 2010, African American women accounted for 6,100 (29%) of the estimated new HIV infections among all adult and adolescent African Americans. Studies also show that, if current trends continue, 1 in every 32 black women will be […]

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A woman who was exposed to HIV by an Atlanta minister joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” Wednesday to talk about the man’s recent sentencing to 10 years in prison. Also See: Pastor Craig Davis Sentenced To 10 Years For Knowingly Exposing Women In Congregation To HIV Ronita McAfee says she met minister Craig Davis […]

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In an effort to inform churchgoers, pastors and ministers about the disproportionate impact of HIV-AIDS on Black America, the NAACP will host social justice-based training for faith leaders in Washington, D.C. SEE ALSO: Trayvon Martin: A Look Back On The Case From Then To Now The event, hosted by the Washington branch, will take place […]

According to the Center of Disease Control’s most recent report, Georgia ranks sixth in the country in reported AIDS cases. Now, a program aims to curtail the rates of infection using a variety of approaches towards African-American women who are diagnosed 12 times more than their White counterparts. SEE ALSO: Nationwide Study To Examine Why Black […]

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World’s AIDS Day, which was Dec. 1, may have come and gone. This startling statistic remains a reality, however: African Americans are only 13% of the U.S. population, but account for 44% of HIV infection cases. Activist Rae Lewis-Thorton spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the problem. “There’s a need for continued national conversation,” Lewis-Thorton said. “Unfortunately, when […]

When Shalandra Jones and a male driver were pulled over by a Michigan police officer during a routine traffic stop in August, the stop was conducted in a very professional and friendly matter. SEE ALSO: Educators Tackle Black Male Achievement That is, until the cop found out Jones was HIV-positive. Officer David Lacey of the […]


Atlanta is in the midst of a crisis because the rate in which African-American women in the city are being infected with HIV is now being compared to some third world countries. Studies have shown that black women now make up 60 percent of newly reported HIV cases. The CDC has reported that 1 of […]


Christopher Peña, was fired from his manager position at Burger King after revealing his HIV status and is now filing suit in the state of Virginia, reports the Huffington Post. For seven years, Peña was employed at various Burger King restaurants, but three months after he disclosed his HIV status to a supervisor, he was fired. […]

Several outraged AIDS activists in Tanzania have denounced some local school administrators for forcing HIV-positive students to wear special uniforms adorned with red ribbons, according to a BBC news report. SEE ALSO: Teacher Sued For Ordering Girl To Pee In Bucket Mohammed Lukema, the headmaster of Kibaha Primary School in the country’s largest city Dar es […]