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Rep. Virginia Foxx had her "Karen" moment.


In an apparent trend, Byron Donalds is the latest Republican running for Speaker of the House who has a checkered past.


Here are three of the most revealing elements of the ongoing speaker kerfuffle, and how political science can help people understand them.

There's a movement to make Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Speaker of the Republican-led House.


After four days, the anti-Kevin contingent was down to six holdouts.


House Clerk Cheryl Thompson and House Reading Clerk Tylease have led the wild House Speaker race with grace.

Republican Byron Donalds and Democrat Hakeem Jeffries are the first Black people in history to be nominated to lead their party in Congress.

With Ryan out, they could make a difference.


During a basketball game Monday at Warrensburg High School in Missouri, White students turned their backs during the introduction of Center High School players, who are predominantly Black.

In a morning meeting with Republicans on Friday, House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress amidst a struggle that could end with a government shutdown, the New York Times reports. The announcement comes just a day after Boehner emotionally presented Pope Francis before Congress to deliver an address that focused on equality for all. […]

PolitickerOne: Congress appears ready to revise decades of policy that boosted the number of incarcerated Americans. Plus: Rep. Fattah indicted on "racketeering conspiracy" charges.