Sen. Katie Britt was called out for her misleading comments about sex trafficking victim Karla Jacinto Romero.

Sex trafficking is a problem that disproportionately affects poor Black and brown women. If advocates or law enforcement tell you that this is a real issue, believe them. This year’s big game is in Los Angeles, which makes the risk even greater.

On Jan. 8, 16-year-old Black girl Tioni Theus was found shot dead alongside a freeway in South Los Angeles.

As if the allegations about a Trump-sympathizing Republican Congressman from Florida about trafficking at least one underage girl weren't bad enough, a new report says he also used drugs and paid women for sex.

Incredible X-ray shows eight-year-old boy hidden inside womans suitcase as she tried to smuggle him into Spain … — DailyNew5 (@DailyNew5) May 8, 2015 A 19-year-old woman was caught attempting to smuggle an 8-year-old boy out of West Africa in a suitcase, the NY Daily News reports. The boy, who told authorities his name was Abou, […]

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Why bringing back the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped and sold as brides is about a much bigger issue, and one that is almost never talked about in the U.S. – human trafficking. In the middle of all of the Donald Sterling talk and debate over whether the Clippers did enough or not in the […]


As the world mobilizes to safely bring home 276 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Nigeria on April 14, the subject of human trafficking has risen to the fore. RELATED: Boko Haram Leader Claims Responsibility For Abduction, Wants To Sell Girls According to The Polaris Project, an organization dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking, an […]

The topic of slavery has become quite the buzz of late, considering the releases of high-profile Hollywood dramas like “12 Years A Slave,” among others. Although many people rightfully focus on the African Slave Trade and the Middle Passage, there exists a modern version of slavery that is pervasive and increasingly dangerous. SEE ALSO: True […]

It is rare to come across a rising entertainer who approaches important social causes with the same fervor they would apply to their art. Los Angeles-based Brooklyn-native Michael Cory Davis (pictured) is a shining example of a person using their influence to help the less fortunate. SEE ALSO: Dream Defenders Score Victory: Florida Lawmakers To […]

The New Yorker has unearthed a horrible secret related to the staffing of military bases in the Middle East. Companies that are contracted by the United States to provide support services to bases in locations like Afghanistan routinely lure women far from their homes to be employees, where they become trapped.

ARIZONA – Anti-immigration Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who is a Tea Party favorite due to his positions on immigration and racial profiling has an immigration problem of his own. Several officers in his office were arrested for allegedly running a heroin and human trafficking ring. AZ Central reports: The group mostly moved heroin, according to investigators, […]