Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday morning urged people to evacuate the state as Hurricane Matthew whipped toward the U.S.


The bidding war for where the Obama library, museum, and presidential center will be built has come to an end. The library will be built on Chicago’s South Side; an area that President Barack Obama had a major influence on before he entered office. The Chicago-based Barack Obama Foundation is slated to make an official […]

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Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but not without having left countless stories in her wake. They vary from angry New York City Housing Authority residents left without basic necessities to President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie uniting under a common cause. Some stories, like Occupy Sandy and the warming collectivism of neighbors […]


A week has passed since Hurricane Sandy ripped through the east coast, leaving nearly 110 dead and 1.4 million without power (down from the peek of 8.4 million). Much of New York City’s public transportation system and most New Jersey Transit services have been restored, though gas shortages continue to make commuting by car frustrating […]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has alleviated one more burden for his state as it struggles to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Residents displaced by the storm can now vote via email or fax. From the Office of the Governor: Trenton, NJ – The New Jersey Department of State has issued a […]

During the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, thought he’d make a “funny” at the expense of President Barack Obama. Exhibiting snarky humor that had previously been indiscernible, he unapologetically mocked the president’s dedication to climate change, drawing the loudest ovation of the night from the tickled crowd of like-minded conservatives. […]

Mayor Cory Booker, (D-Newark, New Jersey), is probably as close to a superhero that you’re going to get in politics. Known for his transparent and relaxed relationship with the residents of ‘Brick City,’ he’s plowed snow for neighbors trapped after blizzards, gone on a hunger strike in the middle of a drug-infested neighborhood to increase […]

Kitty Genovese was 28-years old when she was brutally stabbed to death and raped on a spring night in March of 1964. Mere feet from her apartment in Kew Garden, Queens, New York , she exited her car and became aware of a strange man following her. Picking up her pace, she tried to quickly […]

As “The City That Never Sleeps” continues to slowly reawaken after the immense, unexpected damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, and despite his highly publicized stance not to take sides in the presidential election, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has endorsed President Barack Obama. In a lengthy, detailed posting on his website, Mike Bloomberg.com, the billionaire […]


Hurricane Sandy‘s deadly mix of heavy rains, winds and floodwaters proved fatal for at least 19 New Yorkers in her wake. They included an off-duty officer who drowned saving his family from rising water levels, a woman who stepped on a live wire and a 13-year old girl found under debris in her home, according […]

Donald Trump used Twitter as a means of attacking President Barack Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, claiming that Mother Nature was cooperating with the president’s political agenda. In a series of petty ignorance, “The Donald” tweeted that Sandy presented an opportunity for Obama, one that the POTUS would take full advantage of: “I always […]


Hurricane Sandy ripped through much of the east coast, leaving 33 dead as of 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. Millions are without power and many have lost their homes. The total financial impact in dollar amounts has yet to be tabulated, but it the damage on private and public property could easily exceed billions of dollars. NewsOne […]