H&M hires a diversity director after major controversy over a racist ad that featured a young Black male model in a "Coolest Monkey In The Jungle" hoodie.


Trump has made immigration such a hot button issue that even the most radical of Republicans feel comfortable coming forward with their anti-immigrant sentiments. On Fox News this past Friday night , Amy Tarkanian, who is the former Nevada state GOP chairperson (her husband is Danny Tarkanian, who is currently running for the U.S.Senate for […]


Some Republicans will blame undocumented workers for every economic issue in the country. In reality, undocumented workers have no effect on America’s unemployment rate and especially the homelessness crisis, which is an epidemic in Los Angeles. However, conservative commentator Shirley Husar, who is seriously anti-immigration, believes if all of the immigrants were kicked out of California there […]

Newly confirmed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson actually said that slaves were immigrants during a speech to department employees Monday.


"So when I see immigrant, when I think immigrant, I think strength I think strong. I think triumph."

Kelly Osbourne is apologizing for statements she made aimed at Donald Trump and his outlandish comments regarding the Latino community.

The bloody origins of the Dominican Republic’s ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Haitians http://t.co/AAISZltapV — tejwo (@tejwo) June 16, 2015 In what critics describe as ethnic “cleansing,” scores of Haitian migrant workers are set to be deported from the Dominican Republic this week, highlighting the country’s long-troubled relationship with its Caribbean neighbor, according to media reports. Undocumented […]

From The Huffington Post: A second-grader stole the show today, even as U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon held a press conference in the Rose Garden at the White House.