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H&M Hires Diversity Director

H&M is following up its apology tour over the controversy stirred by its racist “Monkey” hoodie ad with a diversity hire. The retail giant has reportedly appointed its global manager for employee relations Annie Wu to be “Global Leader for Diversity and Inclusiveness,” CNN Money reported.

“The recent incident was entirely unintentional, but it demonstrates so clearly how big our responsibility is as a global brand,” H&M said in a message posted to its social media accounts.“Our commitment to addressing diversity and inclusiveness is genuine, therefore we have appointed a global leader, in this area, to drive our work forward.”

H&M didn’t disclose Wu’s new job responsibilities to CNN. The company doesn’t need to have another person with a fancy title, but it needs to show and prove that it will denounce racism at all levels. H&M will have to address racial sensitivity across the board.

Africans Are Most Educated Immigrants

Trump can’t bring African immigrants down! The president’s horribly offensive portrayal of African people failing in the U.S. after coming from what he called a “shithole countr[y]” is very wrong.

African immigrants are “better educated than people born in the U.S. or the immigrant population as a whole,” according to a report cited by the Los Angeles Times.

The African immigrant population in the U.S. has not only grown, but is flourishing.

#BlackPantherChallenge Is On!

New York resident Frederick Joseph raised more than $40,000 for children in Harlem to go see the highly anticipated Black Panther movie in theaters next month. He is at it again with the #BlackPantherChallenge so that more kids have a chance to go view the film.

The challenge has already gained steam: Jemele Hill, Snoop Dogg and more celebrities have lent their support. Thousands of poeple have donated or shared the challenge on social media. To date, 70 campaigns have raised nearly $75,000, allowing thousands of kids to go see the movie.

“I am grateful that all of you have answered the call and are taking action to help more kids watch their heroes on the big screen,” Joseph said. “Let’s keep pushing forward.

Folks can find the #BlackPantherChallenge here:


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