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Biz Markie was a top trending topic early Thursday morning after false reports of his death flooded social media timelines across the internet. His family needed to step in and debunk the reports.

Social media users were not clear if the person at the center of a viral internet story -- Quaden Bayles -- was actually a boy or a grown man participating (or being used) in a lucrative internet hoax.


It has been proven that Isaac Don Burks, 31, the man viciously accused of purposely infecting hundreds of men and women in the Tri-State area with HIV, is the victim of a malicious internet hoax, reports The Examiner. Read more from the Examiner: The news report from an NBC affiliate in New York circulated the […]

A fake website falsely reported that actor Denzel Washington died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland this weekend. Despite the fact that the story wasn’t confirmed and the website looked fake, the reports quickly spread online that Denzel was dead. See also: Is Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez’s New Man? See also: Nelson George’s Beijing The Huffington Post […]