Race Matters

A middle school student sent the N-word shaped like a swastika to a Black classmate in Colorado.


Apple has released an iOS 11.1.1 update that fixes a keyboard autocorrect bug for the iPhone and iPad that caused message problems for users.


Preorders for the iPhone X are now live, but customers have pointed out issues with purchases, especially using the mobile Apple Store app. 

Breaking News

One of the more stunning new developments was the new "FaceID" technology, but some Twitter users have already taken issue with it.


Siri is helpful for a lot of things — finding a date night spot, directions, and looking up definitions. But if you wanted to mess with Siri and ask her to define the word ‘bitch,’ you would come across this: The third definition says (Black slang) for a woman. Excuse me? Since when is the word bitch […]

Apple has banned a game that takes a harsh look at the smartphone industry. The “Phone Story” app was removed from the Apple store over “excessively objectionable or crude content,” although some news sources are reporting that the company may have objected to the game for other reasons. RELATED: Police Arrest Suspect In Stray Bullet Shooting […]

NEW YORK — Apple denied that the iPhone has a privacy problem Wednesday – and then promised to fix it. It took the technology giant a week to respond to a brouhaha over how the devices log their owners’ movements.

New York– Ending months of feverish speculation, Verizon announced on Tuesday that it would begin selling a version of the iPhone 4 early next month.

Thug Shotz is a new iPhone game where players “match the slime with the crime”  and “pick the crackhead” using real mug shots. The app was first rejected by Apple on moral grounds, then approved. Thug Shotz ($0.99) is also available in a “Cell-ebrity” version ($1.99) where you can hook up the A-lister to the […]