The reports came as Ramadan began.

The Black Ballot

Lee is the only California Senate candidate calling for a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza.

The View invited Vice President Kamala Harris to speak on behalf of the Biden Administration and how they are handling the Israel-Hamas War.


Ferguson organizer Tory Russell was there.


The potential impacts underscore the scope of the International Court of Justice’s power.


How does one conveniently protest a genocide? Our popular renditions of Dr. King obscure the reality of his unpopularity during his life, writes Rev. Osagyefo Sekou.


The same white supremacy system the president condemned has fueled the “genocide” in Gaza.


The activist said his account was deactivated because he's "fighting for Palestine."


Watch scholar Nyle Fort break down the reciprocated solidarity between Palestinians and Black Americans.

Nada Mays provides a comprehensive overview of the historical events behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

As the Israel-Gaza conflict escalates, the Movement for Black Lives is addressing the spiraling humanitarian crisis: “For the Black liberation movement to succeed, the Palestinian freedom struggle must survive.”

The activist and professor formally spoke out after days of backlash.