Donors have been slow after a Black man was killed and buried by cops without notifying family.

Ben Crump has announced that his team will help arrange the funeral for Dexter Wade, a black man killed and buried by police.

Activists in Jackson, Mississippi, are trying to join a federal lawsuit against the city after claims a judge is ginning up racial division.

House Bill 1020 will allow the state to create a separate justice system.

A judge denied an injunction to block HB 1020 from becoming law, pushing the Republicans one step closer to their rogue court in Jackson.

The mother of Jaylen Lewis says she opposes lawmakers’ plans to extend the territory of patrol for Capitol police inside the city of Jackson.

Black lawmakers in Mississippi are pushing back against Republicans and their decision to create a separate court system to police Jackson.

Mississippi House voted on a bill that would create a separate court system to judge and police the residents of Jackson.

Jackson mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba declared a local state of emergency due to the city’s low to no water pressure in certain areas. 

Congress has announced $600 million in federal funds to fix Jackson’s water crisis.

The Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign released a statement this week regarding DOJ's decision to intervene in the Jackson water crisis.

DOJ filed a proposal in federal court that will try and stabilize the city of Jackson, Mississippi’s public drinking water system.