"Will the Women’s March on Washington be a space filled primarily with participants who believe that Black lives matter? I’m not sure, especially considering the attitudes of some who have publicly stated that they don’t want to hear calls for attendees to check their White privilege at the proverbial door,” Jamilah Lemieux explains in an op-ed at ColorLines.

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Interactive One's Jamilah Lemieux participated in a star-studded MLK Day celebration in Harlem to discuss civil rights today.


During the event, actors, activists, and musicians will pay homage to Dr. King with recitations of his most revered speeches, as well as musical performances.


The Breakfast Club hosted Interactive One's VP of News and Men's Programming Jamilah Lemieux on Tuesday to discuss race, gender and media representation.

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NewsOne invites you to attend the 2 P.M. event on Tuesday that tackles mainstream and social media perceptions of Black men.

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And just in case you didn't know, the Sun is a girl.

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A new report released by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA reveals that Hollywood is dominated by White men. The Hollywood Diversity Report found that 94 percent of Hollywood film studio heads were White and 100% male. 96 percent of TV network heads are 96 percent White and 71 percent […]