It's important to put the Capitol riots in their proper historical perspective.


The Jan. 6 Capitol riot was actually a counterinsurgency; a response to the movement for Black lives and insurgency of post-1960s advancements, writes Rev. Osagyefo Sekou.

Thompson said that while the committee’s work was ending, there was still a long road ahead for the nation.  

Clarence Thomas' wife had ducked the panel.


Defending democracy continues beyond the Jan. 6 hearings writes Lawyers' Committee CEO and President Damon T. Hewitt.


Ali Alexander is playing to those who still believe in his claims and "the Big lie."  

Their testimony comes 58 years after three voting organizers were killed by the KKK for helping to register Black voters in Mississippi.


Prosecuting far-right groups has tended to be very difficult.


Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made her first court appearance in a hearing brought on by a group of Georgia voters backed by non-profit organization, Free Speech for People, who are seeking to bar her from seeking re-election.

There is a growing number of concerns ahead of the so-called Justice for J6 right-wing rally in the nation's capital that critics fear will become another gathering place for violent white supremacists.