Chicago police arrested nine people during a protest in the Dirksen Federal Building downtown Thursday, including Kina Collins, a Chicago-based organizer and candidate for Illinois’ 7th Congressional District.

Laquan McDonald's grandmother said Jason Van Dyke would still be in prison for murdering her Black teenage grandson if the former Chicago cop wasn't white. Van Dyke was released Thursday after serving less than half his sentence.

Police Brutality

Ex-Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is set to be released from prison after having served less than half of the 81-month sentence he got three years ago after he was found guilty of murdering Laquan McDonald by shooting the teenager 16 times.

The Illinois Supreme Court declined to resentence Jason Van Dyke.

Tiffany Van Dyke is pulling out all the white tears for her husband to be released.

The former officer fired at Laquan McDonald 16 times within 14 seconds and is only serving 81 months in prison.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul challenged the light sentence that former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke received for killing Laquan McDonald.

Jason Van Dyke only received 81 months for shooting the teenager 16 times in 14 seconds.

Black activists issued a call to political action after the cop who gunned down Laquan McDonald received a light sentence.


Jason Van Dyke killed Laquan McDonald in 2014.

Three police officers in Chicago were acquitted on Thursday despite a video proving they lied to help cover up the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed Black teenager in 2014.