The Rev. James Cone, the scholar who founded Black liberation theology, died at age 79.

I hated the way Reverend Jeremiah Wright was treated during the 2008 presidential campaign. Republicans used him as another means of fueling White racial fears that then Sen. Barack Obama was some militant Black man who, if elected, would force every White person to pledge allegiance to Bad Boy Records, start eating scrapple and be […]

Jeri Wright (pictured left), the daughter of famed bully pulpit preacher and President Barack Obama‘s former cleric, Rev. Jeremiah Wright (pictured), was indicted on Wednesday for money laundering, lying to the feds, and giving false statements before a grand jury, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. SEE ALSO: White House Denies Jay-Z Spoke With President Obama About Cuba […]

The Jeremiah Wright “Goddamn America” controversy came to a close when then-Senator Barack Obama and his family left their long-time church during his successful presidential campaign in 2008. SEE ALSO: Trayvon Martin: Smoking Weed Does Not Justify Murder But Mr. Wright has been resurrected from the dead by right-wing conservatives again, The Washington Post reports. […]

Top Republican strategists claim that President Barack Obama ran as a “metrosexual, Black, Abe Lincoln during his historical race for the White House in 2008. This, according to a 54-page, $10 million proposal titled “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good, ” reports the New York Times. Joe […]

It’s election time and that means Reverend Jeremiah Wright is back on the scene. In 2008, the retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago caused a maelstrom of controversy for then Senator Barack Obama as he fought Hillary Clinton in a furious battle for the Democratic nomination for president. Now, after being […]