Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson is accused of racist and sexist comments.


Cromartie already has 10 children with different women.


The Greek Parliament approved an international loan deal. Over 200 lawmakers ratified the bill, while 75 didn’t show any support for it.

After losing their first road game of the season to Carolina Panthers in week two of the season, many fans questions whether the Detroit Lions…

The New York Jets signed star quarterback Michael Vick (pictured) on Friday for a reported one-year, $5-million deal; however, animal rights group PETA, who seemingly still holds a grudge against the NFL player as a result of  his 2007 conviction for dog-fighting, sent out a tweet upon hearing the news about the signing that clearly shows they […]

Antonio Cromartie is known for many things: freakish athleticism, a disappointing NFL career after an impressive start, some off-field issues, money problems, and perhaps most notably, a boatload of children (seven kids, five paternity suits).

This is how far apart holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis and the Jets are on 10-year proposals they each have on the table: A staggering $40 million.