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Usually when a man undergoes a vasectomy procedure, he’s going under the knife to prevent reproduction; but for Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the outcome was different. According to Cromartie’s wife, Terricka Cromartie, she is pregnant with twins. “I didn’t even tell Antonio right away because I didn’t think it was possible,” she said in an interview. “I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen. In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point. It was shocking news for the both of us. It took me awhile to process it, but Antonio stood firm and was saying, ‘It’s God’s will.’ And he’s been excited the whole time.” Cromartie already has 10 children with different women. According to research, getting a vasectomy is a 99.85% effective method of birth control. Between one and two women out of 1,000 run the risk of getting pregnant within the first year after their partner has had the surgery. Antonio and Terricka have been married since 2010. Read more.

Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Seek Order to Conceal Evidence

Bill Cosby’s lawyers are slated to make an appearance in court Wednesday to ask a Massachusetts federal judge to seal evidence connected to a defamation lawsuit against the comedian. Two years ago, Tamara Green sued Cosby, claiming he was lying when he openly denied sexually abusing her. Six other women who allege they were sexually assaulted by Cosby as well have joined forces with Green in the lawsuit. Last month, Cosby filed a countersuit in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts claiming that the women are attempting to defame his character with their allegations. “The law is clear: trial — not discovery — is the ‘fact-finding’ process in which the public has a common law and constitutional interest,” said Cosby’s legal team in a statement. “Mr. Cosby’s undisputed privacy interest and his need for protection from annoyance, embarrassment, and undue prejudice establish good cause to enter the limited protective order he seeks.” Cosby’s lawyer will present the case before U.S. Magistrate Judge David Hennessy in Worcester, Massachusetts. Read more.

Taxi Driver That Refused to Pick Up Al Roker is Fined $500

Not being able to catch a taxi because of the color of your skin isn’t something out of the ordinary for New Yorkers of color; but when it happened to NBC Today show weatherman Al Roker, he decided to take legal action. After an NYC cab driver bypassed Roker and picked up a White passenger, Roker filed a complaint. The driver, Mahabur Rahman, pled guilty to a service denial violation and was fined $500 by The Taxi and Limousine Commission. Back in November, Roker took to Twitter to express his outrage. “Filed a complaint today after getting passed up again by a NYC Yellow cab. Cabbie picked up a white guy a block away. Wonder why Uber wins?,” he tweeted. “Hopefully @nyctaxi weeds out the bad apples. Looking forward to a hearing and dealing with this. I will keep you posted.” Read more.

International African-American Museum to be Built in Charleston

Last year, Charleston, South Carolina was at the center of racial tensions in our country following a shooting that took place at a historically Black church. This year, local leaders are trying to turn a new page. Mayor Joseph Riley recently announced that the city will build a museum to pay homage to Africans who were sold into slavery. The museum, which will be called the International African-American Museum, will be built on Gadsden’s Wharf where slaves first landed after being forced to come to the States from Africa. “It’s very prideful in the community when you’re doing something, making something, producing something, building something that is of value to others,” said Riley. “We as a nation just ignored this history. We didn’t think about it. It wasn’t ever presented, and that’s a real defect, structural defect in our society, that we don’t.” Read more.


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