Kay Coles James will become the first Black woman to be president of the Heritage Foundation.


When Sigma Alpha Epsilon came under fire after a video leaked featuring some of its University of Oklahoma members singing a racist chant, it was not the fraternity’s first brush with controversy. Last year, Bloomberg News reported that 15 chapters had been closed or suspended in recent years as a result of hazing. The fraternity […]

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Maybe Jim DeMint has never heard of the American Civil War. DeMint, the president of the conservative Heritage Foundation and former Republican senator from South Carolina, was a guest on a radio show last week and told the host that “the conscience of the American people” freed the slaves in the 1860’s, not “big government.” According to DeMint: Well the reason that […]

In theory, I should be happy that a Black man is going to the Senate. Even if it is a tiny, tiny sprinkle of color, it is undoubtedly needed in the sea of Whiteness that makes up the U.S. Senate. Enter South Carolina’s Rep. Tim Scott (pictured) who was recently appointed to replace Jim DeMint as one of […]