Joe the plumber

TOLEDO, Ohio — Joe the Plumber is plunging into politics because he thinks it’s about time America had a few mechanics, bricklayers and, yes, plumbers in Congress. RELATED: The Fraud of Joe the Plumber Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher was thrust into the political spotlight after questioning Barack Obama about his economic policies during the 2008 presidential […]

From The Root It must be pretty disconcerting to be part of the white male political class these days. Nancy Pelosi is the first woman speaker of the House; Michael Steele is the African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee. Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American governor, “delivered” the official Republican response to the first congressional address […]

John McCain has a new working class surrogate. It seems as if he is trying to take some of the working class Latino vote by using Tito, a Hispanic construction worker. Tito first made waves when he was interviewed by Mother Jones outside of McCain rally where he angrily rallied against the media and ACORN. […]

When Joe Wurzelbacher’s name slipped into last week’s debate, and Joe the Plumber was born, another version of a repetitive theme took hold. Senator Barack Obama has made racial progressive history a footnote of his candidacy, preferring to make his statements ecumenical, embracing. Not only has he underscored his humility by doing so, he has […]

Joe the Plumber aka Joseph Wurzelbacher’s is far from your average Joe and far from your average plumber(if he is one) . The average salary for plumbers in the united states is $37,000 a year even if you make it into the top 25% of plumber salaries, your salary is $44,000 a year.