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Joe the Plumber aka Joseph Wurzelbacher’s is far from your average Joe and far from your average plumber(if he is one) . The average salary for plumbers in the united states is $37,000 a year even if you make it into the top 25% of plumber salaries, your salary is $44,000 a year.

The top salary for a plumber is $35 an hour. That means that even if ‘Joe the Plumber’ makes the top salary and works 60 hours a week, he would only make  $100,000 a year. In order for Joe the Plumber to make $250,000 a year, he would  have to work 150 hours a week(leaving him 2 hours for sleep). How did Joe get the one million dollars to buy his on plumbing business?  Wouldn’t that make him Joe the venture capitalist, rather than Joe the plumber, if he’s buying his own plumbing business? Under Obama’s tax plan the real Joe the Plumber would save money. Even if the fake Joe the Plumber made $250,000 a year, he would only save $900 a year under McCain’s tax plan.

Apparently Joseph Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber isn’t even a licensed plumber. If he is rich enough to buy his own business, he can afford to pay the extra 900 dollars a year in taxes. Why is he complaining?

John McCain spent half his time talking to Joe the venture capitalist and not Joe the Plumber. He should’ve have just talked to Charles the Savings and Loan owner or Vicki the Lobbyist. What Joe the fake plumber doesn’t understand is that paying taxes will help him out on the long run. When he wants healthcare or an affordable college education for his children, the taxes he paid under Obama would come right back to help him. When he retires, that money that he paid in taxes will help him out if social security is reformed.

John McCain’s tax plan is not to help Joe the Plummer, it is to out to help John the Lawyer, or Jack the Financial analyst, or Janet the heiress. The republican plan to trick the white working class into voting against their interests is over. They’ve seen what eight years of trickle down economics can do. Joe the Plumber sounds very much like a republican to me, in a recent interview he talked up the war like a Bush surrogate on a talk show. Sorry Joe the Plumber you’re not an average Joe. I wouldn’t be a surprise if you were a plant from the Republican party.

McCain has never in his political career acted in the financial interest of the working class. He should have really talked to his peers. Hey Jane the beer heiress,and Bill the CEO under Obama’s plan you would be forced to have only 8 homes instead of 10 and only and be forced to sell one of your 15 cars.

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