For those who aren't Civil War history buffs and are unfamiliar with Davis, he was the president of the Confederate States of America who said that Black people are “fitted expressly for servitude.”

Basically, Ramaswamy is a person of color with white supremacist tendencies—which is the only kind of POC the GOP will allow at its table.


Should Black America still celebrate the Fourth of July or Juneteenth only? See how various informed opinions stack up against each other.

Mayor Eric Adams deflected responsibility for recent New York City gun violence and crime by invoking the BLM organization. The career policeman wondered aloud "if Black Lives Matter."


The lesson of their lives, and of the Juneteenth holiday, is that freedom is a precious thing that requires constant work to make real.


The newest federal holiday offers a chance to incorporate Black perseverance into American history lessons.

Lee Rose's movie explores the modern impact of racially restrictive covenants.

Here are our recommendations for Juneteenth.

CNN will host 'Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom' with new performers announced like Chlöe Bailey. Read more inside.

The first-ever White House Juneteenth concert will honor of the newest federal holiday.

“Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom” will return to broadcast on CNN and Own networks in first-time dual simulcast. Read more.

Race Matters

Nicholas and Mary Nicosia denied claims of racism from Black Rochester firefighter Jerrod Jones, but she admitted to having a racist Twitter.