Kamala Harris

If people want to be upset about comparison points during slavery, they don’t have to look any further than Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion in Dobbs.

Read Vice President Kamala Harris' address to the 113th annual NAACP Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The ex-Atlanta mayor confirmed her new role. Meet the other Black folks in Biden's admin.


Sebastian Gorka, a former advisor to Donald Trump, asked about Vice President Kamal Harris' qualifications. In response, Eric Reed, the trainer of Rich Strike, the horse who won the Kentucky Derby, tweeted, “Heard she’s good on her knees!!”

A POLITICO headline referring to Vice President Kamala Harris by only her first name has prompted growing outrage over what is being called disrespect to the most powerful woman in the U.S.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly wrongly cited the interracial marriages and domestic partnerships of prominent figures like Ketanji Brown Jackson, Kamala Harris, and others as proof that systemic racism isn't real.

Harris reaffirmed the administration's commitment to full securing the right to vote and protecting access to democracy.

Republican congressional candidate Vernon Jones wants his election into Congress to be an immediate pathway for Donald Trump to be president again.

President Joe Biden said in no uncertain terms that Vice President Kamala Harris will definitely be his running mate in 2024 and pushed back against the narrative that he may have let down Black voters to whom campaign promises have not been kept.

Harris' remarks, couched in the civil rights movement's legacy, push back on the idea that people can wait for a better time to pass voting rights legislation.

Black Twitter thinks Joe Biden mispronounced the name "Ebenezer Baptist Church" during his speech in Atlanta to discuss the state of voting rights in America.

Some of the leading advocates who have long sounded the alarm about the urgency for Congress to advance any bills on voting rights are skipping Biden's speech in Atlanta about voting rights, suggesting the president's words are too little, too late.