After the shooting death of Takeoff in November 2022, Quavo, 32, launched the Rocket Foundation, a program that provides support and financial aid to organizations committed in the fight to end gun violence.

Top Democrats aren't united on who Biden's running mate should be.

Disgraced ex-NYC Mayor and accused Trump RICO co-conspirator Rudy Giuliani said he left the Sept. 11 memorial early because Vice President Kamala Harris was there.

The "Vivrant" VP went viral for dancing.

Vice President Kamala Harris is kicking off a college tour at an HBCU to shore up support among young voters amid concerns about Joe Biden's age.

The White House will be meeting with relatives of Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate Monday’s 60th anniversary of the March on Washington.


Kamala Harris has been a strong and constant voice on some of the most important issues of our time from voting rights to climate change.


Vice President Kamala Harris is set to deliver a speech about Florida's newBlack history school curriculum that whitewashes slavery. Here's how and when to watch a livestream of her address.

Ron DeSantis said Republicans won't impeach Joe Biden because "no one wants Kamala" Harris to be the president.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently waded into "the real H-U" debate that pits Howard University against Hampton University, both HBCUs.

In what could have broad implications for the 2024 election, a new poll found that the nation's youngest voters overwhelmingly support Vice President Kamala Harris.

Nikki Haley's morbid prediction that Joe Biden won't live through a second term underscores Republicans' fear of Kamala Harris becoming president.