Pop Culture

Amy Cooper infamously criminalized an innocent Black birdwatcher on Memorial Day 2020. It backfired big time.

A viral video shows a Karen at McDonald's in a confrontation with a Black man, whom she challenged to a fight and called "boy" while citing racist tropes.

Viral video shows a white woman calling 911 and lying that she feared for her safety.

Ex-Turning Point USA employee Crystal Clanton is accused of texting "I hate Black people."

Trevon Morgan was acquitted in San Francisco.


Actions have consequences.


A Black woman delivery driver for Amazon shown on video being attacked by a white woman in Texas is planning legal action and asking for help identifying “the Karen who attacked me.”

Kathryn Smith of Midvale, Utah, was arrested after being caught in a viral video racially harassing her neighbor and her child.

The latest viral Karen video shows a white woman telling Black people they're "lucky to be" in the U.S. and not in "a dust pool in Africa."

She was promptly confronted by a Black man.

A series of "Karen" videos showing women weaponizing their whiteness against Black people underscore why racial profiling stories still matter so much.

The latest viral "Karen" video was recorded in a Walmart and shows a white woman worker falsely accusing Black customers of having "drug money" and treating the store like a "playground."