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A white woman was caught on video attacking Black men with her iPad in a subway car. The men fought back and one sprayed soda in her face before exiting the train.

A white woman who used racist language against a Black couple at a dog park in Brooklyn has been fired from her job at Bevy.


A woman did her best Karen impression and was forced to apologize for questioning how an Ivy League-educated Black mother became a member of a school committee in suburban Boston and suggesting she was unqualified.


Black Twitter offered a real-time review of BET's movie, "Karen," a horror flick about a racist, privileged and entitled white woman and her new Black neighbors.

On the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, a white woman passenger on Spirit Airlines allegedly commemorated the occasion the way white Americans of the MAGA persuasion often do—by being a racist, Islamaphobic bigot.

The Black man who fathered children with a white woman shown on video hurling the N-word at a Black bakery employee who refused her service because she wouldn't wear a mask is speaking out about the racist episode in New York City.

A video showing a racist white woman in New York City shamelessly calling a Black bakery employee the N-word went viral, but the NYPD reportedly said it will not be investigating.

A closer look at the history of political donations from Chris Carlos -- the husband of Juliana Carlos, also known as "Courtside Karen" -- could shed some light on her privileged behavior confronting LeBron James mid-game.

It's been well over a week since Miya "SoHo Karen" Ponsetto assaulted Keyon Harrold Jr. and his father in an undisputed incident caught on video. So why hasn't the NYPD arrested and charged her?

The white woman captured attacking Keyon Harrold and his son could soon be charged with assault, grand larceny or attempted robbery stemming from the December 26 incident.

Jazz musician Keyon Harrold who filmed a racist encounter with a white woman falsely accusing his teenage son of stealing her iPhone is speaking out after the video went viral.

The Manhattan district attorney was being urged to charge a white woman who allegedly assaulted jazz musician Keyon Harrold Jr. after she racially profiled his teenage son in an incident recorded on video last week in New York City.