The person behind the term "alternative facts" cited nonexistent marijuana "overdose deaths."

Another bizarre moment from Distraction Becky -- also known as Kellyanne Conway.

Massachuetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley issued the sternest of warnings Tuesday to Kellyanne Conway and called her "Distraction Becky."

Considering how this administration lies, who knows how true this is. 

The gun accessory has become central in the obligatory debate over gun control that aways follows mass shootings but rarely enacts any legislative change.


Another week, another apology from President Trump's senior advisor.


L. Joy Williams, a Brooklyn-based political strategist, gives tips on how to determine fake news from real news.


Kellyanne Conway retweeted Lib Hyprocrisy, whose profile includes the words #WhiteIdentity, #Nationalist and the icon of Pepe the Frog — an emoji associated with the alt-right movement. Conway, who said “Love you back” to the alt-right racist, also wished a happy Valentine’s day to her “Hapless Haters.”


National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been in contact with a Russian diplomat through texts and calls and lied to the Trump administration about it.


Conway's embarrassing blunder highlights the Trump administration's clumsy approach in disseminating a dark agenda.


We've gathered all of the controversial actions President Trump has taken since Inauguration Day.