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Several viewers took to social media to spew racist comments about her performance.

A total of 76 out of the 324 samples taken were above the agency's action level. Five percent of the lead samples were discovered in water fountains or other sources of drinking water. Other tainted samples were from sinks only required for cleaning or washing hands.

In Newark, N.J., officials have closed the water lines for 30 schools in the Public Schools system due to the discovery of lead and discoloration. In a Wednesday announcement, New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection and school district are using water from other sources, the Huffington Post reports.

No announcements of a criminal investigation have been announced, despite calls for Gov. Rick Snyder to resign.

As the Flint, Michigan water crisis finally reaches media prominence, the small town of Sebring, Ohio is facing a similar plight after high levels of lead were found in the drinking water. The town was notified of the danger on Thursday, although an official found high levels of lead in a few homes as far back as June, CBS News […]

A spike in Legionnaires’ disease cases are being questioned and possibly linked to Michigan’s water crisis in Flint, Reuters reports. State officials, however, are currently unsure that the increase in the water-related disease is connected to the switch in the city’s water source. A total of 87 cases were discovered in the state during June 2014 to […]