It’s not that First Lady Michelle Obama is above criticism. I’ve expressed my critical thoughts about remarks made by Mrs. Obama when they veered toward the political, like last year when she declared that church is “absolutely” a place to discuss political issues. Even so, more times than not, Michelle Obama’s role is largely apolitical […]

Adding Guinness World Record holder to her First Lady title, Michelle Obama has gained massive momentum in reducing the weight of the nation’s children. Since its launch in February 2010, her Let’s Move! initiative, dedicated to “solving the problem of obesity within a generation” has seen some life (and pants) altering milestones. Check out 10: 1. MOOD […]

First Lady Michelle Obama has been criticized for ordering a highly caloric meal, at a combined count of 1,700 calories, at a new Shake Shack in Washington D.C. Mrs. Obama, who is the spearhead of the Let’s Move! campaign, geared toward the end to childhood obesity and exercise awareness, has been criticized for ordering a […]

Washington — Now kids who need extra exercise can get their dance moves straight from Beyonce as she’s joined the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” obesity campaign. The singer has created a Swizz Beats remixed version of her hit song Get Me Bodied to serve as the beat for what’s being called the “Let’s Move! Flash […]

New York– First Lady Michelle Obama brought her “Let’s Move Campaign” to chilly Harlem Thursday where she broke more than a sweat with area children. Nearly 70 students from PS 180 packed the Central Harlem Police Athletic League for their special surprise visit. “All we know is someone from Washington is coming,” shouted some of […]