North Carolina’s lieutenant governor has a history of insensitive and racist remarks.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The activist, author, lawyer and priest developed new ways of thinking about justice and identity.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

If only more youth and young adults had passionate supporters like Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in their lives.

Texas Rep. Al Green made it clear how he felt about his Republican colleagues who had already announced their intentions against voting for the pro-LGBTQ Equality Act.

The man has been fighting for human rights for decades.


Voting has been sold as THE top priority for many, rather than a tool in a toolbox of ways we can effect change in politics, systems, and eradicate the things which oppress us. It's not enough.


Content creator and advocate Lisa Cunningham breaks down some important topics.

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In a world where Black transgender women are still getting killed at alarming rates, the 'Pose' actress will make history by challenging presidential candidates like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on LGBTQ+ issues.


President Donald Trump once made a sick joke about Mike Pence wanting to "hang" gay people, Jane Meyer writes in a blistering new piece for The New Yorker.

Following North Carolina's decision to repeal parts of its "bathroom bill," the NCAA ended its six-month championship events ban within the state.


When President Obama came out in support of LGBTQ lives and in favor of marriage equality in a May 2012 interview, he became the first president to connect his policy to his Christian faith in a way that substantively benefitted the LGBTQ community.

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If I had my doubts there would be a Black president in my lifetime, I couldn’t even begin to fathom the day when I would be able to utter the words, “This is my husband, Andrew.”