Several groups across the region are providing support to residents within the path of the storm. Residents and volunteers are urged to use caution in providing or seeking assistance as severe conditions persist.

With a surging delta variant and the fiercest hurricane to hit land in recent memory, many communities are fighting to stay afloat.

Children under 12 are not eligible for vaccination, increasing the need for masks mandates.

A secret panel made up of seven investigators will determine if officers are targeting Black motorists in the state.

Ronald Greene's family believes the disturbing video footage of their loved ones last moments during a 2019 traffic stop aids in their cover up allegations against Louisiana State Police.

Good News

William Tate IV has been appointed to become Louisiana State University’s president; making him the first Black person to assume the position in the school’s 161-year history.

Republican Louisiana State Rep. Ray Garofalo Jr. went viral for citing "the good" of slavery while discussing his proposed bill that would ban teaching critical race theory in schools and colleges.

Recently released court documents showed a group of Louisiana State Troopers joked about beating a Black man in a group text, pointing to a larger pattern of police brutality among officers in the northeast part of the state.

Critics feel that prior to the election, ICE ramped up deportations and abuse among Black asylum seekers, as an estimated 16,000 immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa are being held in detention centers across the U.S.

Certain Louisiana residents come to his defense.

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New Orleans-based celebrity barber Darrl Robert Jr. is using his shop to empower his local community.


His defense team explains in the midst of a plea deal.