The U.S. Senate passes anti-lynching legislation for the second time.

The U.S. Senate finally passes a federal anti-lynching bill after nearly 200 failed attempts over a century.

Florida State's losing season under first-year Head Coach Willie Taggart angered one apparently racist fan in particular.

Demonstrators were planning a rally to bring more attention to the controversial death Of Danye Jones, whose mother says he was lynched.

There has been a series of suspicious deaths connected to the Ferguson protests.

Both deaths are reported to be public suicides.

The prosecutor says it wasn't racially motivated, but social media posts may tell a different story.

Tanisha Agee-Bell is speaking out after her son's teacher threatened him with a lynching.

A massive fire left at least 12 people dead, including four children, in an apartment building in The Bronx, New York on Thursday.

While the superintendent denies that lynching is racially motivated, the Coatesville district has been plagued by racist incidents for years.

"“We had mobs of thousands of people gathering in courthouse yards and fields and doing horrific things to people, and we haven't done anything to acknowledge that," says Bryan Stevenson, founder of EJI.