On this Mother's Day, there are still some states offering support systems that specifically pertain to Black maternal health as women’s reproductive rights come under attack.

Black History Month

The work of the Black Panther Party spotlights how cartography can illuminate injustice.


Do you live in one of the states without racial profiling laws? A new report from the NAACP finds out that 20 states don’t have laws explicitly banning racial profiling. Even more, the NAACP reports that  of the 30 states with laws on the books, 17 criminalize racial profiling and just three states –Kansas, Tennessee and Rhode Island — allow […]

Historically black colleges and universities are a cornerstone of the black community and the American education system. There are still 105 HBCUs operating today. Their value is immeasurable, but have you ever wondered where they all are? The Higher Education Act of 1965 defines HBCUs as: “…any historically black college or university that was established prior […]


What you see above is a map of Detroit. The small colorful dots represent people, plotted to show where they live and their race. Whites are represented by blue dots, Blacks with green dots, Asians with red and Latinos with orange. All others are represented using the color brown. Again, what you see is Detroit, but also […]


There are 160 known, active Ku Klux Klan chapters in the United States, according to research from the Southern Poverty Law Center. How many are near you? Here’s an interactive map. RELATED STORIES: Activist Hackers Release KKK Names After Threats Against Ferguson Protesters Meet The Black Cop Who Went Undercover In The KKK KKK Leader: Klan […]