The nationwide anti-gun violence protests included a notable contingency of Black people devastated by gun violence in which white supremacy has many times been a motivating factor.

Good News

Naomi Wadler, 11, will be honored by the NAACP for her efforts to bring attention to the lack of concern for Black women and girls who have lost their lives to gun violence.


On Saturday, during the March for Our Lives protest, Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter Yolanda Renee King delivered a powerful speech.

Killer Mike aligned himself with the National Rifle Association in an interview on the gun lobby’s NRATV.

Have a look at the youthful faces of the country's current and future freedom fighters as well as their colorful, clever signs at the March for Our Lives.

We’re destined for better times if the children who spoke at the national March for Our Lives rally truly represent our future.