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John McCain often brags about being the maverick in his own party. It looks like he got his wish to be the permanent maverick as his friends and allies are leaving his cause in droves. After a debate in which he showed some temerity, Republicans still aren’t convinced he can seal the deal. Party loyalty […]

Take a look at the most interesting McCain and Obama supporters express their choice of candidate!

Christopher Buckley, son of William F. Buckley, a renowned Republican thinker, has endorsed Barack Obama. Buckley once wrote a John McCain speech, and held up the Republican rank-and-file for years. After making the shocking announcement, he then resigned from the conservative journal The National Review. The favorite son of the conservative press, Buckley has authored […]

The Daddy Yankee endorsement notwithstanding, John McCain seems to be having trouble getting minority ethnic groups to rally around his cause. His stance on most issues that affect the Hispanic voter has caused an irreparable rift, and his surrogates are scrambling to latch on to more groups as his hopes fade in typical Republican turfs […]

This election has made a star of CNN Anchor, Campbell Brown. She has made another insightful statement on the election. She chastised John McCain for race baiting, using surrogates to invoke Obama’s middle name, and not controlling angry crowds. She also talked about people who have accused McCain of being racist for is ‘That One’ […]

While the Republican Party is pushing the Federal Election Commission to investigate the possibility that Democrat Barack Obama collected excessive contributions, its own candidate is facing scrutiny on the same subject. As poutypurple who posted the article on BP news said, “What goes around comes around.” Get the full story here FEC Queries McCain’s Campaign

John McCain recently made a joke about wife beating to a reporter from the Las Vegas Sun. McCain was being asked if he was avoiding the unpopular Republican Governor of Nevada, he replied “and I stopped beating my wife a couple weeks ago.”

In an interview with CNN, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, said that the US had encouraged Georgia to attack the autonomous region of South Ossetia. Putin would tell CNN that, defense officials reported to him that the attack was done to benefit a presidential candidate.

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama made ground zero their common ground for one rare day, free of politics and infused with memory. Putting their partisan contest on a respectful hold, they walked together Thursday into the great pit where the World Trade Center once stood and, as one, honored the dead from the […]

  Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally slated to attend, and speak, at the Republican National Convention but ultimately declined. He was one in a line of several high-profile GOP members who opted out of the RNC this year, including incumbent Vice President, Dick Cheney. The speech intended for Schwarzenegger was then given to actor and […]