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John McCain recently made a joke about wife beating to a reporter from the Las Vegas Sun. McCain was being asked if he was avoiding the unpopular Republican Governor of Nevada, he replied “and I stopped beating my wife a couple weeks ago.”

McCain was referring to an old DC fictitious question that reporters use to trap politicians, ‘When did you stop beating your wife Senator?’ However the governor he was referring to was having marital problems with his wife and was accused of assaulting a cocktail waitress.

This is not the 1st time Mccain has made an inappropriate joke or a misogynist comment. In April of 2007 he made a joke about attacking Iran by singing ‘bomb Iran’ to the tune of the Beach Boys ‘Barbara Ann’ which many people thought made light of war and its consequences and was just not funny.

In 1992 , while campaigning for the Senate, McCain’s wife made a comment about him going bald and he replied ‘At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt‘ in front of 2 aides and three reporters. Previously when asked by a woman at a town hall meeting, ‘How do we beat the bitch?’ referring to Hillary Clinton. McCain simply replied ‘that’s an excellent question,’ co-singning the derogatory comment made about his fellow senator.

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