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A disturbing video has gone viral of a white man at McDonald’s attacking a Black female employee in St. Petersburg, Florida on New Year’s Eve. As she was defending herself, her manager did nothing.

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In the video, Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, reached out and grabbed the woman who quickly fought back. After the assault, it appears Taylor is still allowed to place his order, even after he clearly attacked an employee. At the end of the video, the thug says, “I was just asking you a f***ing question, bitch.”

See below:

Newsweek reports, “The 5′ 8,” 135-pound Taylor was charged with the two counts of 1st degree simple battery for initiating the physical encounter.” See his alleged mugshot below:

Twitter has been outraged, and user @AfroStateofMind wrote, “I count at least three grown men, one of whom looks like a supervisor of some sort, watch while this White man assaulted this Black woman employee. One actually stepped in to pull *her* back. Was this customer arrested for assault? How is keeping Black employees safe?”

@JKFitnessFink saw a link with our current administration, tweeting, “Heartbreaking that there is much hatred & racism that leads to a white man to lay his hands on a black woman. Attitude reflects leadership… and the leadership has condoned this type of behavior, as well as did the manager at the scene.

McDonald’s has not released a statement on the incident or as to whether the manager will keep his job.


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