According to the CBP, there were 2.85 kilos of fentanyl hidden in wooden boxes, enough to potentially kill hundreds of thousands of people.

On Tuesday, a judge ruled that video of Alvin Motley's shooting by Memphis Kroker Security guard Gregory Livingston will not be made available to the public or to Motley's family until after Livingston's preliminary hearing.

The shooting death of Alvin Motley, an unarmed Black man killed by security guard at a gas station in Memphis, is the latest victim in an apparently growing trend of deadly disputes over loud music.

NewsOne spoke with National Civil Rights Museum President Terri Freeman about the institution's dedication to preserving King's work through programming, the role Memphis plays in his incredible journey and what he may have thought about the current social justice climate in today's society.

Rarely seen photos of Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the years of his noteworthy, incredible life.

LeMoyne-Owen College—the only HBCU in Memphis—has received a $40 million endowment.

There have been protests since the fatal shooting.

The former doctor spits out more offensive opinions.

A veritable who's who in Black excellence attended, spoke or did both at the events in Memphis commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination on April 4.

17-year-old Memphis-based entrepreneur Journi Prewitt created the Black Butterfly Beautiful box to inspire Black girls to read.