The pending ban has become a political tool amid partisan efforts to appeal to Black voters.

Tobacco control leader Carol McGruder explains why a menthol cigarettes ban is needed, addresses racial factors and allays policing concerns.

Gwen Carr renewed her warnings of racial and "policing" consequences.

The federal government's movement to ban menthol cigarettes is gaining momentum with a new proposed rule to deter their consumption along with other flavored tobacco products that statistics show are preferred by Black smokers.

A new documentary, titled “Black Lives/Black Lungs,” exposes the tobacco industry's scheme to addict Blacks to menthol cigarettes.

A US study released Friday finds that menthol cigarettes are marketed to African-American youth in a “predatory” manner through ads and lower prices near many California high schools. reports: Researchers randomly chose convenience stores and other small shops within walking distance of 91 schools. They used data from 2006 and studied how cigarettes were […]