Anna Pierre (pictured), who is one of eight candidates running for mayor of North Miami, claims that someone is hellbent on pushing her out of the race with voodoo, reports the Miami Herald. SEE ALSO: Two Men Tie the Knot In Africa’s ‘First Traditional Gay Wedding’ Pierre believes the signs of sorcery rituals originate from […]

A man pumping gas at a station in Miami was doused with gasoline and set on fire Tuesday night, according to the Miami Herald. SEE ALSO: The Year Democrats Got Their Groove Back 44-year-old Darrell Brackett (pictured) sustained third-degree burns in the attack and is fighting for his life at a local hospital. Thursday afternoon, […]

Sure, Miami is known for its exotic beaches, hot nightlife, and sizzling art scene, led by art show Art Basal, but it also has a thriving ethnic culinary scene. The city’s population is comprised of a rich tapestry of Jamaican, Haitian, and Cuban cultures. As a result, the city’s dining experiences are reflective of its […]

When 39-year-old David Moore tried to kidnap a little boy playing in his yard in Overton, Fla., two months ago, his 7-year-old sister, A-nari Taylor (pictured), came to the rescue. SEE ALSO: The Root Honors 100 Black Achievers, Influencers On Tuesday, the Miami police department awarded the little crime fighter for her efforts at a ceremony. […]

Who said that boycotts and advertisers pulling out wouldn’t have any effect on Basketball Wives, Miami? Executive producer and Queen Bee, Shaunie O’Neal, said on the reunion show that the cast takes full responsibility for their actions and will do better going forward. She likened the show to a “mirror” and admitted that some of […]

A South Florida middle school student learned a hard lesson recently when his father forced him to wear an embarrassing sign and stand on a busy corner as punishment for receiving a report card filled with failing grades. SEE ALSO: Report: Paterno Fired For “Failure Of Leadership” Michael Bell Jr. stood for several hours on […]

In cities all across the country, there are a number of special events scheduled during this year’s observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. RELATED: How To Talk With Your Kids About Dr. King’s Death Of course, you can attend a local parade today. However, there are also concerts, special movie screenings, prayer services and […]

MIAMI-Luis Gonzalez a 50-year-old man from Hialeah, Florida has been charged with a hate crime and attempted murder after police determined he was lying after he told them he was shot in the head in an attempted robbery. Police found out that there was no attempted robbery and that Gonzalez was shot after trying to […]

MIAMI-Boxing promoter, Don King has had a truck he was using to transport turkeys that he was planning on giving away to poor people in Florida hijacked. According to reports, the truck contained over 2000 turkeys that where intended for hundreds of Miami residents. CBS Miami reports: “I just hope everything gets better for us,” […]

MIAMI  — The U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday it will investigate whether Miami police violated the civil rights of seven African-American suspects fatally shot by officers in an eight-month span. Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for civil rights, and Miami U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said the probe will focus on whether there was a “pattern […]

MIAMI — Miami residents are concerned with the upcoming “Freaknik” Spring Break party. “Freaknik” was previously held in Atlanta before being banned. At the this year’s Urban Beach Weekend during Memorial Day, a man was killed by police after a car chase. Miami Residents Rally To End “Urban Beach Weekend” Commissioner Calls For Curfew After […]

MIAMI – Grammy-winning OutKast rapper Big Boi has reached a deal on Florida drug charges that allows him to avoid jail time. Big Boi appeared in a Miami courtroom Thursday as prosecutors outlined the deal that includes three months of drug testing, community service and $2,000 in donations to charities. The 36-year-old rapper’s real name […]