Paris Dennard has had a hard time on television in 2017. Everyone from Keith Boykin to Cornel West to A. Scott Bolden have dragged him all over CNN. Mr. Dennard might need a vacation, especially considering the reaction he had when Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philly, mentioned his blood pressure. Earlier today, Dennard appeared […]

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Mayors often have a lot of work to do, but if they don’t know something, it might be because it hasn’t been brought to their attention. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Philadephia Mayor Michael Nutter visited “NewsOne Now” to discuss why it’s important to address city issues, such as how to fix roads and buildings […]

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Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter says all governments need to be held accountable for how cities grow because it is, in fact, a shared effort in public service. “We have a continuum up and down the chain and accountability system that says we’re all Americans,” he said. We look out for each other.” Stay connected on 2013 […]

It’s always ironic to hear a White man born with certain privileges take shots at those not as fortunate. RELATED: It’s Official: Romney Taps Paul Ryan As His Running Mate [VIDEO] Rep. Paul Ryan (pictured) wasted no time invoking thinly veiled racial rhetoric during his debut performance as Mitt Romney’s running mate, when he noted that […]

Trying to show that he can look beyond his usual line of supporters as he campaigns for the presidency, Mitt Romney stopped by the Universal Bluford Charter School in West Philadelphia this week. There he discussed education that he deemed the “civil rights issue of our time.” I suppose to a person who largely ignored […]

PHILADELPHIA-According to reports, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was caught on camera spanking a blond woman in a bowling alley on somebody’s camera phone. Fox 29 Philadelphia received the video, according to reports, but refused to air it after being consulted by Nutter who convinced them to not air the video. reports: A Fox 29 […]

PHILADELPHIA — The painful images and graphic stories of repeated violent assaults and vandalism by mobs of black teenagers had gotten to be too much for Mayor Michael Nutter. As an elected official and a “proud black man” in the nation’s fifth-largest city, Nutter felt he had to go a step beyond ordering a law […]

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael Nutter called out teenagers involved in violent mobs that have left several people injured in recent weeks and said parents need to get more involved in their children’s lives. Then he backed up his words with action – implementing a weekend curfew in two sections of the city. Nutter took the […]