The overall income of Americans grew at the fastest rate, with paychecks getting their biggest boost since the end of the Great Recession.


Across America, the median income of the middle class dropped from 55 percent in 2000, to 51 percent in 2014.

Pew Research says Black and Hispanic parents see the need for a college degree more than White parents do. The researchers say the difference is based in aspiration and resources.


For years, the nation’s wobbly economy has been the Achilles’ heel of the Obama administration, drawing fire from the right and left about the president’s decision-making and policies throughout his two terms. Voters also were dismayed, causing President Barack Obama’s approval ratings to plummet to 42.6 percent during the year that spanned from January 20, […]

After Tuesday’s State of the Union address from President Barack Obama (pictured), the groundwork to bolster the middle class was a prominent portion of the night. Now, the White House has released a fact sheet that lays out how the President, via executive action and working with Congress, plans to help those workers seeking the […]

BOSTON — The economic downturn has erased the gains made by the black middle class over the last 30 years as the unemployment rate of blacks with a four-year college degree has skyrocketed, according to a new study by the National Urban League Policy Institute released Wednesday. The study said that the unemployment rate for […]

Georgia — CNN is reporting on a recent trend of people who are considered “middle class” turning to food banks and other government agencies to feed their families. It is perhaps around the holidays, a period of celebration often centered on food, when there is no clearer reminder for many once middle-class families of what […]