The new anti-affirmative action lawsuit aiming to strike down race-conscious admissions at West Point farcically claims racism in the military has been “virtually nonexistent post-Vietnam.”

Christopher Paul Hasson, who was allegedly plotting a race war with a stockpile of weapons to create a “white homeland,” is begging the court for leniency to "try to rebuild his life.”

Montel Williams said he doubts that the Army cadets and a Navy midshipman shown on live national TV flashing the white power hand sign were, well, flashing the white power hand signal.

To anyone who’s been paying attention to the resurgence of white supremacy in the military, the white power sign by cadets and a midshipman at the Army-Navy football game shouldn't be a surprise.


A U.S. Coast Guard officer who was caught flashing a white supremacist hand signal on live TV has received the lightest of punishments.

The Coast Guard Academy is accused of ignoring discrimination complaints.