Taking a page from the FBI’s COINTELPRO program of the 1960s, “intelligence analysts” from Mall of America in Bloomington, Minneapolis set up a fake Facebook account to identify and monitor local Black Lives Matter activists, who were later arrested and charged for a holiday protest at the mega mall, according to The Intercept. The Intercept’s investigation revealed […]

A very brave Barnesville, Minn., 9-year-old girl made a tough call when she decided to walk in to a police station to inform officials that her parents were not only growing but selling and smoking marijuana at her home, according to the Star Tribune. SEE ALSO: Student Body President Pressured To Resign After ‘Offending’ White […]

Live Well, Nation

In Minnesota, African-American babies are twice as likely as Whites to die in their first year, African-American men are more likely to die from prostate cancer than Whites, and stroke deaths are significantly higher among African-American, American-Indian, and Asian populations compared to Whites. These and other racial gaps in the health of Minnesotans have been […]


CeCe McDonald (pictured), a transgender woman whose murder case received national attention, will be released from prison next week, according to MSNBC. SEE ALSO: Obama: Yellen A ‘Fierce Champion’ For Americans In June 2011, McDonald was walking to a grocery in Minneapolis with friends when McDonald claimed a man and two women began verbally harassing them […]

Minnesota resident Edward Nathaniel III (pictured), a pastor of two churches who moonlighted as a school bus driver, was allegedly fired last week, after leading children in Christian prayer while driving, according to CBS Minnesota. SEE ALSO: Gay Teen Who Ripped Out Bible Pages Suspended By Texas School The 49-year-old minister worked for the Burnsville […]

At Wayman AME Church in Minneapolis, folks gather in anticipation of hearing the gospel preached by one of its most senior pastors, Noah Smith (pictured), who at 105 years young still manages to belt out a sermon that sends chills down the spines of his devoted congregants, reports CBS Minnesota. SEE ALSO: Venus And Serena Documentary […]

High schooler Caleb Smith (pictured) recently defied his disability by winning his first wrestling bout for his St. Paul Minnesota high school, according to CBS Minnesota. SEE ALSO: Surgeons Leave Sponges in Patients 6K Times a Year Smith lost his limbs when he contracted a rare meningitis blood disorder at the age of 3-years-old that […]

Toni Annette Medrano (pictured), the Minnesota woman who allegedly suffocated her 3-week-old infant son by sleeping on him after drinking a heavy amount of vodka last November, has died after setting herself on fire, the Pioneer Press reports. SEE ALSO: Google Launches Gay Rights Campaign Medrano’s tragic suicide comes less than one month after she […]


Minnesota mother Toni A. Medrano has been charged with manslaughter after allegedly drinking a fifth of vodka, then sleeping on top of her 3-week-old baby and killing him in the process, the Star Tribune reports. SEE ALSO: Fla. Security Guard Charged With 1st Degree Murder For Shooting Unarmed Black Man The boy, Adrian Alexander Medrano, […]

A Minnesota man, who tried to kill his unborn baby by stomping on his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s stomach, faces criminal charges, according to recent police report. SEE ALSO: Secret Service Scandal Deepens
 Kenneth L. Turner, 28, who lives in Findley, repeatedly kicked and choked his ex-girlfriend during an assault that lasted three hours, according to a Minneapolis […]

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis man has petitioned that Lake Calhoun be renamed, arguing it’s inappropriate that a South Carolina politician who was an ardent supporter of slavery should have his name attached to one of Minnesota’s most popular recreational lakes. Retired computer programmer John Winters is suggesting that John C. Calhoun’s name be taken off […]

ST. PAUL, Minn.  — Lawmakers capped a week of budget debate Thursday with a Senate vote for a school funding bill shifting money away from urban districts and House approval of a crime package that toughens sex offender sentences while slashing the budget for Minnesota’s anti-discrimination office. ALSO READ: Rutgers Pays Snooki “Jersey Shore” Star […]