For the first time in its 274-year history, Princeton University has a Black valedictorian.

Take a moment to celebrate our four-legged friends following Montreal's ban on pit bull and pit bull-like dogs.

MONTREAL-Students at the elite Hautes Études Commerciales at the University Of Montreal dressed up in Blackface and Jamaican colors while using mock Jamaican accents in an Olympic themed event. Disgraceful! Football Fans Show Up To Game In Blackface White Student Impersonates Lil Wayne In Blackface At Bethel College The students were used the Olympic theme […]

MONTREAL — A teacher in Montreal has been suspended for giving her students a sexually explicit multiple choice test which had questions on the penis size of Black people and homosexual encounters. Vancouver 24/7 reports: A teacher has been suspended after she gave her Grade 8 students a sexually-explicit multiple-choice test that included questions about […]