Trump’s controversial travel ban was struck down again by a federal judge in Hawaii Tuesday for "discriminating on the basis of nationality."

The Supreme Court gave President Trump a partial victory today in that certain parts of his travel ban will go into effect this week.


Judge Roger Gregory of the Fourth said the order was still the product of religious hostility, based in part on remarks Trump made on the campaign trail.


Federal Judge Derrick K. Watson in Hawaii on Wednesday night blocked President Trump’s second ban on travel from six countries that are majority Muslim. Hawaii's attorney general was the first state to bring a lawsuit against the revised travel ban.

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that he will fight the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who ruled against reinstating his controversial 90-day ban on travelers.

A U.S. judge temporarily blocked the controversial travel ban Friday on immigrants recently ordered by President Donald Trump after Washington state and Minnesota urged a nationwide hold on the executive mandate.

One of Dana Boente’s first moves was to rescind Sally Yates’ order not to defend Trump’s Muslim travel ban in court.