The arrest of a white supremacist is the latest evidence of Nazi activity in Florida.

The white man also throws up the Nazi salute.

Another example of hate crimes on the rise in the U.S.

This terrorist killed 10 people and there were several signs.

A Billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado is causing controversy in its depiction of President Barack Obama. While the owner has remained anonymous, the artist, Paul Snoder has come forward to claim the work. KJCT8 reports: “To not put my name on it would be saying that I’m embarrassed or afraid, or ashamed of what I’ve […]

Adolf Hitler may have been descended from both Jews and Africans, DNA tests are indicating, the Daily Mail reported.

From The swastika now shows up so often as a generic symbol of hatred that the Anti-Defamation League, in its annual tally of hate crimes against Jews, will no longer automatically count its appearance as an act of anti-Semitism.