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A racist assaulted a Louisiana man recently in the latest example of the president emboldening racists as hate crimes continue to rise since Trump was elected.

JR Wilson stole a bottle of wine from a convenience store, got into a shouting match with a Black man in the parking lot before assaulting him in New Orleans on Sunday night, according to The Advocate, a local media outlet. The Black man collapsed as Wilson began stomping on his head,m forcing him to lose consciousness.

Wilson ran before bizarrely returning, which was when a witness made a positive ID and police arrested him.

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“What happened with you and the other guy outside?” an officer asked Wilson.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Wilson replied. “There will be a lot more of them. I have a swastika on my arm.”

Amazing how the racist felt so comfortable to tell the cops he had a Nazi symbol on his arm.

Wilson was charged with misdemeanor counts of theft, battery and illegal possession of stolen items. Police also booked him with a hate crime.

“It is relatively uncommon to see police accuse suspects of a hate crime,” The Advocate wrote. “Louisiana law defines that offense as targeting a person for certain violent or property crimes based on a victim’s race, age, gender or sexual orientation — perceived or actual.”

No word on how the victim was doing, but we hope he has fully recovered.

Sadly, in Trump’s America, attacks on Black people are far too common. As NewsOne reported, Black Americans are the number one targets of hate crimes in the U.S.

Make America great again.


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