NC's Board of Elections voted unanimously.

Race Matters

Nazis holding swastika flags chanted “white power” while marching in Orlando, Florida, one week after a racist mass shooting in Jacksonville. There was no visible police presence.

The Neo-Nazi Charlottesville rally in August, which killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer, injured multiple people and carved another notch in Trump’s racist belt (in case you forgot, 45 said there are good people in a group of Nazis), has now resulted in the city’s first Black police chief resigning. Al Thomas, 50, said in a statement, “Nothing […]

A Swedish woman of color confronts neo-Nazi marchers in Sweden. Her opposition to racism was captured in what will certainly become an iconic moment.


Politicians and locals in New York City have come together to protest a neo-nazi group’s rumored expansion into their neighborhood. Recently, posters from Greece-based Golden Dawn have popped up in Astoria, Queens. SEE ALSO: Soledad O’ Brien Slams Rudy Giuliani In response to the anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic group, the community formed a Stop Golden Dawn […]

While reporting the presence of Neo-Nazis in Sanford, Florida to “protect” White citizens, a FOX affiliate in Orlando refers to the group as a “civil rights group.” SEE ALSO: The Roots of Clarence Thomas’ Black Burden Think Progress reports: The Fox Orlando affiliate, WOFL, aired a shockingly uncritical report of the groups activities. The Fox […]

This is an interesting video from Al-Jazeera English. They have a very well researched video on white supremacists in the age of Obama. By the video, its seems that the rhetoric and images from the neo-nazis is extremely similar to the rhetoric coming from the Tea Party, except the Tea Party’s Hitler pictures and Swastikas […]