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Rand Paul’s campaign manager has attacked his opponent for taking bailout money, yet he is accepting money from white supremacists. The neo-nazi website Stormfront and its owner, Don Black have been actively raising funds for Rand Paul’s campaign.

Usually when politicians become aware that they receive campaign donations from nefarious characters (corrupt business men, criminals, foreign groups) they give the money back. Rand’s father, Ron famously refused to return a donation from Don Black and Stormfront and even took a picture with  Don Black and his son.

From Crooks And Liars

Neo-Nazis have just as much right as anyone else to contribute to campaigns. I certainly do not begrudge them. It is their right to support candidates who they believe share their views, goals, and will represent them. Clearly, the expectation is for their guy to do right by them when he gets there, and frankly, there’s no reason for them to doubt that, based on the evidence.

However, it is equally fair for candidates who receive those funds to come under scrutiny for accepting (and keeping) contributions from those groups, particularly when the candidate in question has plainly stated that he would support modifications to the Civil Rights Act which would exempt businesses from a requirement to treat everyone equally.