Ben Carson offered CNN some outrageous commentary about systemic racism that might even make Candace Owens blush. (Emphasis on "might.")

Civil rights lawyers said the coincidentally timed collision of the NYPD firing Eric Garner's killer with Jay-Z's social justice partnership with the NFL combined a begrudging chorus of "what took so long?" with the realization that while some semblance of justice had been established, it was still largely elusive.

If Jay-Z really does have 99 problems, one of them might be trying to reconcile all the progress he’s made as a fledgling social justice icon with his questionable new business alliance with the NFL.


The same pro football team that had a problem with Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem eagerly selected a player with a history of racist social media activity during the NFL Draft.


Here's the thing that the president and his supporters would never admit: Donald Trump has spent his life actually insulting the military far worse than any NFL player ever has.

The former NFL player keeps shining.


There are parallels between NFL protests and a call for African-Americans to "close ranks" during WWI.

Papa John's CEO and founder John Schnatter will step down from his positions after he condemned the NFL and its players' "Take A Knee" national anthem protests.